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About Us


      Zhejiang Chemicals Import and Export Corporation (ZHECHEM) was founded in 1980s in Hangzhou, located at the Citizen center near the Qiantangjiang River, which is the new economic and finance core district of the city. 

     Our company mainly runs Pharmaceuticals, Agro-Chemicals, Veterinary and their Intermediates, Dye stuff, Food Additives and Plant extract.

      In the past 30 years, ZHECHEM has established business relationships with customers from more than 99 countries, and achieved great success. In 2018, the annual export turnover had been more than $444 Million. ZHECHEM has been one of the leading chemicals trading companies in China, and our trademark “Zhechem” has been granted as the “WELL-KNOWN TRADEMARK” of Zhejiang province.

      We aim to integrate resources, share success, share value with our friends.




Correspondence address :17F,T1-A Building,Xizi International Center(XIC),Qingchun-dong Road,

Postal Code : 310020

Tel : +86-571-87257916

Fax : +86-571-87046240

E-mail : [email protected]

Web : www.rxaemc.live



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